Tanks available in horizontal and vertical version with various capacities


Storage Tanks

The tanks designed and manufactured by Bernardi Impianti are available in the horizontal and vertical version with various capacities. They are insulated with rock wool and glass wool and covered with a pre-painted aluminum shell.

The solution of tanks with electric heating was developed to save costs and to ensure greater operational safety. The tanks are equipped with suitable electrical resistances and a special radiator that allows the heating of the bitumen at reduced costs. Once the values have been set, according to the needs, the electric resistances keep the bitumen at the desired temperature by means of automatic temperature regulation devices.

The management of bitumen loading, unloading and recirculation between the various tanks is carried out by means of motorized valves.

Also available, in the stainless steel version, tanks for the storage of emulsions, with a lower base with a rounded bottom for the discharge of residues.

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