Plant revamping

Transformation and upgrade of existing plants


Revamping of existing plants

Considering the new quality standards and in particular the recovery of rap material, is it possible to transform your own asphalt plant by making upgrades that make it technologically almost on par with the new generation plants while remaining within a more contained budget?

This is the question that many owners of obsolete asphalt plants ask themselves and Bernardi Impianti, who take always care of the needs of its customers, has duly specialized in this activity, in order to give precise and personalized answers after a careful analysis of the plants

Several years have now passed since we decided to concentrate many of our resources on this activity and we have acquired a lot of experience on all types of systems, of every brand, achieving important results even with the leading companies in our sector.

The main strengths that distinguish us in this revamping activity concern:

  • Latest generation automation with the characteristic of maximum flexibility of adaptation to systems of all types
  • The technologies used in the recovery of rap material. In particular, we have developed a dryer that optimizes the recovery of rap in high percentages, adapting to almost all types of systems. The cold rap line that in some cases can be implemented in existing plants.
  • The technologies used in the analysis of the fumes treatment and in the solutions to be used to improve them.

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