RA Dryers

The dryers are designed and manufactured to ensure a long service life they are made of steel and fitted with external insulation


RA dryers for asphalt plants

The dryers produced by Bernardi Impianti have been designed and built to ensure a long life over time.

Made of steel and equipped with external insulation, they have an internal blading system for the advancement and rain lifting of the materials to be dried with bolted backward blades for heat recovery. The particular geometric arrangement of the internal blading avoids the contact of the flame with the mixture composed of virgin and rap material coming from the ring and the thermal shocks to the bitumen also allows the gradual release of moisture which creates an aggregates / bitumen mixture.

The dryers are equipped with a ring for the inlet of rap material and filler in a right point of the cylinder with special seals.

A combustor, made of special steel for high temperatures, allows the recovery of part of the unburnt gases, improving combustion efficiency and protects the material to be dried near the flame.

Bernardi dryers are equipped with a drying smoke recovery system to reduce consumption by using rap.

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