Dosamatic for CEM systems

Automatic systems for weight dosing of a liquid additive.


Dosamatic components for CEM plants

The DOSAMATIC system conceived and patented by Bernardi Impianti is an innovative method for dosing components in continuous asphalt plants.

The DOSAMATIC cannot be identified in a single machine or equipment, but it is a concept that affects and revolutionizes all the components of the CEM-type plant and its electronic control system.

To overcome the typical drawbacks of traditional drum mixer plants, it was necessary to exclude the variables of the aggregates, without losing the great advantages of drum mixers.

To do this it was necessary to equip a continuous system with the tools used in discontinuous systems. In other words, to introduce in the continuous process those characteristic and indisputable advantages of discontinuous plants.

Dosamatic component features

The application and realization of the initial idea consist in equipping the continuous production plant with:

  1. As many containers suitable for weighing, as many elements as to be added to the aggregates, complete with the relative loading systems with fixed capacity and withdrawal systems with variable capacity.
  2. A suitable valve able for interrupting the continuous flow of the hot mix coming from mixing.
  3. A hopper equipped with weighing cells and unloading door.
  4. Automation and operating control software.

Weighing by deduction, then taking the auxiliary elements from the relative hoppers with suitable means, pumps, augers: bitumen, filler, other elements, added to the aggregates.

By interrupting the flow of the hot mix into the hopper at certain times. By recording the weight increases of the product entering this hopper. Continuously recording the weights of the quantities of the added elements.

With DOSAMATIC, the bitumen, has a weight dosing system. Its dosage, as well as that of the other added elements, made with the same system, is therefore considerably safer and above all independent of the temperature.

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