Drum mixer asphalt plants CEM

Drum mixer asphalt plants CEM are suitable for producing asphalt in a continuous production process in a single unit


Drum mixer asphalt plants CEM

The CEM – DRUM/DRYER/MIXER series, produced by Bernardi Impianti, offers various solutions for production capacity (from 60 to 400 t / h), and for installation (on concrete or rapid foundations on steel bases).

The purpose of the plant is to produce hot mix following a continuous process, in which the production cycle is essentially carried out in a single operating unit.

The drying of the aggregates takes place in rotating cylinders with concurrent flow: fumes and aggregates have the same flow and direction.

The advantages of "Drum Mixers"

Compared to all the other types, the “Drum Mixers” are simpler and easier to operate, offer the maximum quality guarantee of the product and also represent the least expensive solution to purchase and use.

The advantages of “Drum Mixers”, compared to traditional ones, lie not only in the extreme conceptual simplicity, but in the greater thermal efficiency and in the smaller number of machines present in the system with reduced need for electricity and maintenance.

The hot mix produced with the “Drum Mixer” process is, subject to the necessary controls, of the highest quality.

The CEM is a dryer / mixer cylinder formed, unlike all plants in this category, by three rather than two sections. Examining it in its length, starting from the entrance of the aggregates into the drum, we find three zones: the first section includes the burner with the drying and heating zone, a second called suction and a third called mixing.

The innovation, introduced in the CEM project, consists in having arranged the suction chamber between the drying and mixing chambers and having isolated the two chambers with suitable diaphragms. In this way there is no possibility of pollution of the burner fumes with bituminous vapors.

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