Additive dosers

Systems suitable for dosing oxides in granules, fibres, polymers, non-dusty resins, set by supervisory system. Automatic systems for the weight dosage of a liquid additive.


Polymer additive dosers

suitable for the dosage of oxides in granules, fibers, polymers, non-dusty resins, settable from the control system. They are made of:
  • inverted truncated pyramidal hopper, made of sheet metal and a strong steel frame.
  • pneumatic opening
  • dosing by means of a fluidizing valve for batch dosing according to material.
The hopper is mounted on load cells, in order to have both weight and volumetric weighing at request and compulsory volumetric during topping up the dosers so as to never have to suspend production. The doser weighs the material for weight loss. Dosing control via PLC and operator panel, where weights and delay times can be set, statuses, alarms, consumptions and cycles can be displayed. The transport of the material to the mixer takes place with a pneumatic method, modulated in pressure and controlled by an inverter.

Liquid additive dosers

Automatic systems for the weight dosage of a liquid additive.

The system provides for the weighing of the liquid during dosing with “loss-in-weight” technology and the programming of the dosage speed, in order to optimize the time, so that the product mixes homogeneously with the bitumen.
They are made of:

  • pumps for dosing thick liquid additives to be dosed in the bitumen scale
  • pump for dosing a liquid additive to be dosed in the mixer, complete with europallet weigher on load cells.

These dosing systems are weight-loss-in-weight.

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